Bloggers Day of Silence for Japan

17 Mar

Tomorrow, I will be participating in the Bloggers Day of Silence for Japan and will not be posting anything to my blog. Along with a mass of other bloggers from all over the world, we are taking a day of silence in order to pay respects to the devastation and tragedy that has hit Japan and the victims of this disaster. We all know what’s going on over there through the news and whatnot, but it doesn’t even come close to what the citizens of Japan are experiencing first hand.

Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged have taking huge steps to organize this day and launch For Japan With Love, and I think it’s wonderful what they are doing! They have handpicked ShelterBox to donate to since they are already in Japan and were one of the first organizations to be asked by Japan to help. Please pass this message on and share it with anyone you can. Any small contribution or effort can go a long way.

To learn more or join, click here. To donate, click here.

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